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That’s one deep, dark nothing you got there, Dean. Can’t fill it, can you? Not with food or drink. Not even with sex. Oh, you can smirk and joke and lie to your brother, lie to yourself, but not to me. I can see inside you, Dean. I can see how broken you are, how defeated. You can’t win, and you know it. But you just keep fighting. Just… keep going through the motions. You’re not hungry, Dean, because inside, you’re already…dead.

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dean meme: dean + colors

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dean winchester meme: 4 significant objects

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S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12

We immediately had this bond, but as you know with any of your best friends or whoever you share a lot of secrets with in your life: You can share an immediate stronger bond, but still get stronger and stronger and stronger. We just got close and we continue to grow. I think with any relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic or familial, I think the more you go through, the more highs and lows you see, the more you come out the other side stronger. -Jared Padalecki


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